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All sweeps include basic inspection, chimney sweeping, smoke draw test & certificate. Prices include VAT.

Standard sweep - £80

  • lined stoves which can be swept through the stove or sweep access on connecting flue pipe

  • Lined and small open fires

  • Biomass/pellet stoves and boilers


Large Sweep - £100

  • Unlined stove with register plate sweep access

  • Stove with external sweep access (lined or unlined)

  • Rayburn cooker, Aga cooker, modern solid fuel range cookers – includes cleaning flueways inside cooker (for boiler cookers the appliance and wet system should be serviced by a competent engineer following the sweep)


Multiple sweeps in the same property

2 or more standard sweeps charged at £75 per flue

2 or more large sweeps charged at £95 per flue

If mixed large and Standard sweep we charge £75 per flue for standard and £95 per flue for large e.g. one lined stove (£75) and one unlined open fire (£95) = total £170

Pre installation sweep including camera inspection - £125

Inglenook – POA


Birds nest removal

Including camera inspection - £125 for up to 1 hour then £40 per half hour after the first hour. Active nest removal is only available between September 1st and February 28th under the wildlife & country act 1981.


Supply & install stainless steel bird guard or terracotta “Pepper pot” ventilation cowl –

£180 with ladder access

£250 with tower access

If scaffolding hire is required the price will be £180 plus scaffolding hire (priced individually per job)


CCTV inspection – Please ask upon booking.


Call out fee - £40

  • If unable to gain access to the property on the agreed date & time/forgotten appointement

  • If unable to sweep due to lack of sweep access or it is unsafe to do so

  • Advise on faults

  • Offer remedial action/repairs required

  • Warning notice if necessary

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Stove Servicing & Repairs

Door rope replacement

Single door - £60

Double door - £75

Specialist ropes will incur an additional charge


Flue Spigot reseal - £20

£12 if completed during a sweep visit

Fire cement should be left to cure for 24 – 48 hours after application before lighting the fire.

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